What is a Volkswagen Golf R?

People are often curious how the Volkswagen Golf R came to be. The vehicle was first introduced in Europe in 2012, but it has its roots much further back than that. Her history begins at the turn of the century when people began racing with what were called GF models which ran between 1968 and 1977. The ‘R’ moniker which adorns the new Golf R comes from this model designation. The GOLF R32 was introduced in 2002 and then production stopped just seven years later.

2019 Volkswagen Golf R review: Everything you need to know

Golf R Weight

The modern generation of Volkswagen Golf R has a curb weight of 3417-3481 pounds. The car’s length is 166 inches, its width is 70.7 inches, and its height is 55.6 inches. The wheelbase on the vehicle is 103.5 inches long which makes it quite spacious for four passengers. The Volkswagen Golf R can seat five people if you take advantage of the rear seating which is designed for occasional use.

Volkswagen Golf R Horse Power

The Volkswagen Golf R has 362 horsepower.

4.0L V-6 Engine 4WD System

There are several features that appear to make the car quite powerful, but there are also other features which help use power efficiently. It’s 4 wheel drive system enables it to operate on many different surfaces and weather conditions. The engine is a 2.0-liter inline 4 which has a turbocharger that is electronically controlled, and it can generate 362 horsepower at 6,000 RPM. It can achieve 258 foot-pounds of torque at 1,500 to 4,200 RPM.

VW Golf R Price

The Volkswagen Golf R price is set at $36,620 to 44,640. This includes a destination charge as well as a gas guzzler tax which will cost you an extra $1,300 if you decide to purchase this vehicle. If you want to go from 0-60 in 4.9 seconds then it will cost you an additional $1,100 because the upgraded performance package is included with that option choice. There are other choices too such as a sunroof or blind spot monitors so check over all of the features before deciding on a final package.

Golf R Specs Engine

Engine Type 2.0-liter inline 4 – 8 Speed Automatic Fuel Economy City 21 MPG Highway 31 MPG Combined 25 MPG

Drivetrain All Wheel Drive Max. Torque 362 ft-lbs. @ 1800 RPM Engine Displacement 2.0 liters Bore x Stroke 83mm x 94 mm Turbocharger Yes, electronically controlled Compression Ratio 9.6:1 Fuel Type Premium Unleaded (91 octane) Redline 6,000 RPM Power 362 horsepower @ 6,000 RPM Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive Transmission 8-speed automatic Transmission Type Automatic Differential Ratio VA:3.889:1; H:2.211:1 Steering Type Rack and Pinion Steering Ratio 13:1 Suspension Front Independent Struts, coil springs; Rear Independent Multilink, coil springs Brakes F/R Vented Disc Tires F:225/40 R:245/35 Wheelbase 103.5 in Curb Weight 3,078 lbs. L x W x H 166.0″ x 70.7″ x 55.6″ Turning Radius 35 ft Fuel Capacity 14 gal Cargo Volume 19 cu ft Passenger Volume 85 cu ft Max Towing No data Base Price $36,620 Price As Tested $39,085

Golf R Brakes

The Volkswagen Golf R has 4 wheel disk brakes that have been painted red on the calipers to give it a bit more flare while also allowing them to stand out. It also has 12 inch brake rotors which are larger than the Golf GTI’s, but not quite as large as the Audi A3 or S3 Quattro options for this car type. The Golf R also has brakes from a variety of aftermarket companies such as Zimmerman Brakes, Brembo Brakes, Power Stop Brakes, EBC Brakes and etc.

Volkswagen Golf R Colors

There are three different colors that you can choose from if the standard black color isn’t to your liking. Deep Black Pearl, Platinum Gray Metallic and Tornado Red can be chosen instead.

Volkswagen Golf R Generations

There have been four generations of the Volkswagen Golf R. Each generation has had one to three main styles and each of those is divided into multiple trims which brings a total of 14 different versions available on the market for this vehicle.

Volkswagen Golf R Generation 1

The Volkswagen Golf R generation one can be traced back to what are called GF models which ran between 1968 and 1977. This vehicle did not have the power, features, or even looks of a supercar, but it did have some interesting driving dynamics since it was developed for racing purposes. If you are interested in this model then it will cost you much less than the other versions because there are fewer features.

Volkswagen Golf R Generation 2

The second generation of the vehicle started in 1997 with what is known as the Mk2 model or simply MkII. This version’s production lasted about 10 years until 2007 when they stopped selling them in Europe, but continued producing them until 2009 for European markets. The MkII had multiple drivetrain options including front wheel drive (which was technically different than most other cars at the time) and all wheel drive. It was also sold under the Golf GTI name so many people consider the MkII to be the first generation of the Golf R.

Volkswagen Golf R Generation 3

The third generation has been considered to be a major upgrade since it built on everything that came before it, including adding R to its name which differentiated it from other models in the lineup. This version is known as MkVI and had a production run between 2012 and 2016. The MkVI was released with several new safety features such as adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring systems. Additionally, this vehicle had better fuel economy than previous versions thanks to direct injection and turbocharger technology that drastically improved both performance and power output along with better aerodynamics and improved steering for a better handling car.

Volkswagen Golf R Generation 4 (current)

The fourth generation of the vehicle is still under active development with no official release date, but it has been announced that this vehicle will be coming sometime in 2019 or 2020. This version of the vehicle is known as MkVII and it will be the first only offered as a hatchback. All of those features that made it look better and more aerodynamic will also impact its fuel economy which is expected to be better than previous generations. Currently, this version of the vehicle is known for having 288 horsepower from its 2 liter engine, but that power number may change by the time the final version of the vehicle is released in 2019 or 2020.

Golf R 0-60

The 0-60 time on the official Volkswagen website is listed at 5.1 seconds for this vehicle, but there have been many people claiming that they have done better than this in unofficial tests. It is possible that the speedometer in the vehicle only reads up to 60 mph and that it does not actually stop at zero. When people do unofficial tests, they will usually say what time they clocked and if they missed the mark by a little bit this could be where some confusion comes from.

VW Golf GTI VS VW Golf R

There is also a sibling to the Volkswagen Golf R that comes in the form of the VW Golf GTI. The VW Golf GTI was released 10 years before the first version of the Volkswagen Golf R and it has since become one of Volkswagen’s most popular models on the market. That said, the GTI is often compared to the R because they have so much in common. The Volkswagen Golf R has 362 horsepower while the VW Golf GTI comes with 220 horsepower. They both have an 8 speed automatic transmission, but while the R can hit 0-60 in 6 seconds; it takes 7.5 seconds for the GT. The GTI does have better fuel economy so it is a bit more friendly on the wallet. The top speed on the R is higher at 155 mph compared to 130 mph on the GTI.

Golf R Wheels

The Volkswagen Golf R has a wheelbase of 103.5 inches and it uses alloy wheels that are 19 inches in diameter. It is available in either a 5 spoke design or an optional 5 triple-spoke star design when purchasing this vehicle. The best thing about the wheels used on this model is that all of them come with a standard locking wheel nut set so it will be much more difficult for anyone to steal your tires off of your car without you knowing.

Volkswagen Golf R Wheel Sizes

The 2015 model of the Volkswagen Golf R has seventeen inch alloy wheels which makes it one of the larger models on the market today for this specific car type. The back wheels of the vehicle are five inches larger than the front wheels, and that is quite a difference considering that some other vehicle models use alloys which only vary by one inch.

Volkswagen Golf R Tires

The Volkswagen Golf R has 235/40R19 tires on them as opposed to some other car models which have between 215 and 245 tires. The difference in the types of tires this vehicle has and some other models is significant and it makes one wonder if this is a contributing factor to its ability to reach 0-60 in just 6 seconds.

Volkswagen MK6 Golf R Exhaust

The MK6 Golf R has a turbocharged 2.0 liter engine, and it is possible to modify the exhaust system if a person desires a different sound from their vehicle. The problem is that once you do that, Volkswagen may not continue to warranty your engine which can be incredibly costly down the road during repairs or maintenance. It is best to use the factory exhaust system on this vehicle if you do not want to void your warranty. It is also important to note that 2015 was the first year that this vehicle did not come with a manual transmission, but instead it had an 8 speed automatic transmission.

Golf R Oil Type

The Volkswagen Golf R, like other vehicles on the market today, can run with 5W30 weight oil. This type of oil is one that should be used in every engine because it has a higher viscosity and it will create less friction between gears and moving parts. Most people refer to this as synthetic motor oil which is not what they are looking for when they are buying oil. This is not unusual because similar products in most groceries stores are usually referred to as synthetic, but in most cases they are not.

Volkswagen Golf R Fuel Type

Every version of the Volkswagen Golf R has Premium Gasoline engine fuel. This means that it takes less energy to get this car moving which makes it easier on its battery, oil, and drive train in general. The downside is that you will have to pay more attention to your vehicle after 100,000 miles because if neglected for too long your engine may need serious work in order to start up. The upside is that you can easily maintain this car yourself, and it will pay for itself in the long run because you won’t have to rely on a mechanic to keep everything running smoothly.

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VW Golf R Suspension

The Volkswagen Golf R has a factory warranty which says that it may be able to tow up to 1000 pounds of weight, but the hitch is not included with this vehicle and you will need to purchase it separately if you decide to use your car for this purpose at some point in time. It also comes with an electronic parking brake which is a feature that not all car models have today.

Golf R Headlights

The Volkswagen Golf R has Xenon lights on the front of its vehicle. The color temperature of these lights is between 5000 and 6000 Kelvin which means that they are blue in color, but this does not change their ability to light up an area to provide better vision. There are many people that believe that blue lights are brighter which is not always the case.

Volkswagen Golf R Emissions

The Volkswagen Golf R has emissions controls on it which allow this vehicle to be sold in every state, but there are times when you may have to get a smog check before registering your car if you live in California. This will help to reduce air pollution caused by vehicles on the road, but it will also help to reduce emissions that come out of your car while driving on the freeway or traveling down city streets.