RARBG Best Proxy – Unblocked RARBG Mirror Sites

RARABG is a torrent website that was recognized in 2008. It used to condense torrent files and magnet links to uphold peer to peer file distribution by using bit torrent procedure.

It was also among one of the most fruitful sites, and specialists contend that it would have exceeded other websites if it had not been locked.

People used to visit this site to copy First-class movies, games, software, and eBooks, etc.

It also enabled the users by providing an exclusive feature of movies like Top 10, Box Office, and clip.

Main Cause why do Governments Ban Torrent Sites

Similar to other torrent sites, RARBG torrents derived under the grasp of diverse governments due to the countless criticisms against them.

You know if you have shaped something by occupied extremely hard, then you would not want others to approach the things free.


You have participated in your time and currency on it, and if people access it freely, then you will certainly think of doing the whole thing that is under your consultant.

The same is the case with torrent sites.

Torrents sites typically cover content that is extremely delicate and threatened.

People add the content on the torrent sites to stake it with the over-all audience, but this does not augur well for the unique inventors of the substantial.

They asked authorities to outlaw the sites that are viewing the paid content for free. Certainly, governments are accountable for defensive the separate property, and as a result, they ban the sites that dispense protected or copyrighted content.

Is RARBG Safe?

The answer is not as simple as some people might be thinking.

For example, the content you are retrieving through RARBG might not be permitted in some countries, while in other nations, it might be totally legal to copy the content.

Therefore, it can be contended that the security of the users over RARBG is completely dependent on the site of the users.

Unblocking RARBG

When RARBG was jammed in various countries, the owners of the RARBG did not have any choice but to start performing their operations through diverse proxies.

Therefore, hundreds of proxy sites of RARBG seemed on the internet, and millions of people ongoing using them.

But not all of the proxies were actual. Even though some proxies were working without any fault, however, they stopped and went down after some time.

The traffic on these sites was huge, and therefore, the servers of the proxy sites could not withstand a huge load of traffic.

However, there were some sites, which were functioning precisely, and they did not crash even after the existence of huge traffic.

Those were the original proxy sites, and the accredited team of RARBG was handling them.

Apart from proxy sites, there are also other approaches to unblock RARBG proxies such as by using a VPN or torrents.

1. VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is the most consistent method to access any blocked site in your country.

Unlike proxy sites, the site of the VPN is hard to hint, and you can rapidly get an approach to the sites, which are blocked in your country.

VPN furs your real setting and gives an untrue IP to your system.

The server of the website assumes that you are impending from another country, and therefore, it does not stop you from visiting the site.

Often used VPNs contain Zenmate, Nord VPN, Cyber Ghost, and Tor Guard.

2. Tor Browser

It stands for The Onion Router. TOR uses a mixture of networks to hide your real self. It also aids you to get access to the sites that are barred in your country.

For instance, if you are residing in the United Kingdom and a precise site is jammed in your country, then the TOR browser will alteration your location to another country where the site is not blocked.

It also changes your real IP and delivers you with the option of selecting the IP address of different countries.

Tor Browser can be downloaded from the authorized website of TOR. Its method is the same as that of even web browsers.

3. Web Proxies

Proxies are extensively used to access all types of congested sites. However, you have to keep in mind that the practice of proxies is not benign and the servers of websites can simply block you if they identify your real site.

But still, users who do not have any awareness about VPNs or virtual browsers prefer proxies given the fact that it is the calmest way to access any blocked site.

Proxy Sites for RARBG


These sites are held and situated at the sites where RARBG is not blocked. It means that you can approach the functionalities of the RARBG mirror over the RARBG proxy websites even if RARBG is blocked in your country.

Informal RARBG Proxy Sites

Diverse fans of the RARBG have shaped these proxy sites, and the rank of these sites is not steady. Meaning that occasionally they work, and sometimes don’t.

How to Download Movies over RARBG

RARBG offers thousands of movies of Hollywood and Bollywood roles. You can also copy vital software and the newest games by using the RARBG torrent site.


Here is a thorough guide through which you can effortlessly download RARBG movies.

  • Open your web browser and allow the VPN
  • Just clack on any of the aforementioned RARBG proxy sites
  • The site will be overflowing with the newest news and trending categories
  • You can choose a movie over the classes, or you can also go to the search bar to discover the movie of your choice.
  • After choosing the movie, RARBG will take you to a swift page where you will find all the details linked to the movies such as IMDb rating, different files, and most prominently, the feedback of the users.
  • Just click on the appropriate file to download the torrent. You will have to ingress the torrent file to a dependable torrent client such as uTorrent to download the content.

You must want to go over the comments section because all the people who have downloaded the file define their view in the section of comments.

That way, you will get to know the quality of the movies, and if the data is bogus or honest.

Substitutes of RARBG

Do you need to discover more sites like RARBG to copy the torrents of your wish? Do you want to link the services of RARBG to other torrent sites?

If yes, then you can find adequate sites that work exactly like RARBG. Paragraph

Certainly, some of them might be improved than RARBG in specific scenarios. Have a look at the list of RARBG substitutes that will do your work easily in the vacancy of RARBG:

1. KICKASS Torrents

In 2016, Kat.cr was the most visited place as it confined all the newest movies and TV serials. People used to upload new episodes of TV serials on Kat.cr directly after they were aired.

The users favored it because of its suitable functionalities and user-friendly pattern. It was also free of all types of ads, and therefore, it was preferred over other stages.

Sadly, this site was also shut down in 2017 in numerous countries. However, there are still numerous proxy sites of kat.cr that are giving away the same functionalities as that of the unique website.

Downloading torrents from this website should be a necessity for you if you don’t find other torrent websites.

2. 1337x


This website is an extra brilliant alternative to RARBG. It delivers a diversity of torrents and magnet links to its users.

According to the statistics of torrent rating, this website was the 3rd most general site in 2018. The excellence of the content on this website was also peerless as there were no fake or shady torrents.

Positive user feedback was also amongst the several reasons why this site was careful as reliable.

3. LimeTorrents


On Lime torrent, you will find confirmed content. This site also has severe rules when it comes to adult content.

This site is shut in many countries, but you don’t have to bother because there are a lot of working proxies of LimeTorrents that are shaped by the fans and the authorized management. Heading

4. The Pirate Bay

The pirate pay is fundamentally a catalog of digital content of the broadcasting and software. It was originated in 2003 by a Swedish think tank.

It is still measured as one of the most prevalent sites of the torrent on the internet.

It has millions of torrent files associated with movies, games, and software, and it also shares links of many torrents by using peer to peer and mirror proxies.

5. ExtraTorrents


ExtraTorrents is also a sensible alternative of RARBG, and it was the most general torrent site on the internet.

This site also delivers quality content with functionalities of peer to peer downloading and database servers.

This site has been forbidden in many countries, and owners of the site privilege that it would have been hugely popular had it not been blocked.

6. Bitsnoop

Another less known substitute of RARBG is Bitsnoop, also known by another name Zoque.

The construction of Bitsnopp was like a crawler, which used to scrape data from torrentz2 and showed it on the authorized Bitsnoop site.

Bitsnoop was unusually widespread among the entertaining geeks to download movies and music albums.

Over to you

I have explained everything that will benefit you in browsing different torrent files. I have deliberated only those torrent substitutes that work competently for all kinds of visitors.

If you have other notions about RARBG, I would love to catch from you in the comments section below.

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