Big Players of Bike Manufacturers in Automotive Industry

The demand and popularity of bikes is increasing exponentially as the numerous benefits of motorcycles are becoming clearer to people. The automotive industry is spreading rapidly as well because of this. The global bike market includes various types such as hybrid, all-terrain and road motorbikes all of which are molded to fit different lifestyles. There’s a lot of competition in the motorbike’s world.

A big array of variety in bikes is introduced annually throughout the year which provides the bike enthusiasts many options to choose from. Some of the biggest players of motorbike manufacturing companies are listed below so take a look.

Yamaha Motorcycles

Yamaha motorcycles is a Japanese motorbike manufacturing company which was established in 1955. Since then, the brand has been launching exceptional bikes after another. Yamaha has also won various racing contests which has added to its game worldwide. Following are some of the best bikes belonging to this prestigious brand.

Yamaha YZF1000 R1

This superbike was introduced in 1998 and it is still one of the most prized bikes out there. This bike was originally produced to battle another motorbike of the rival brand Honda whose name was Fireblade.

The YZF1000 gained immediate fan base due to its amazing construction and performance. This bike has an attractive aluminum design frame, adjustable foot-rest, electronic instrument gauge joined with a dual trip meter, an analogue tachometer and projector headlights.

It comes with a 998cc petrol engine which pumps out power of 197.3bhp and torque of 112.4Nm. Even though the bike delivers extraordinary performance, the fuel economy is still decent. Built with ultra modern technology and

providing comfort and reliability, R1 is without a doubt a beautiful creation.

Yamaha V-MAX

This is the only sports cruiser motorbike which Yamaha owns. It is a heavy bike with a weight of 270 kg but thankfully it’s weight does not hold it back. It boasts a very unique and muscular design. Some of the standard features of this bike include ABS, total suspension adjustability, a 5-speed manual gearbox and a slipper clutch. It also has the latest technology of electric engine management.

This bike is powered by a 1679cc, liquid-cooled V4 engine which gives an excellent riding experience. The engine produces 200bhp and 167Nm. The top recorded speed of the bike

is 230 km/h. The V-MAX was given the title of “Bike of the Year” by the Cycle Guide in 1980.

Honda Motorcycles

Honda Motorcycles started making bikes after World War 2 when people used to load auxiliary engines on simple bicycles in Japan. Since then, Honda has been manufacturing two-wheel vehicles with the aim of spreading joy and relief to the people. Some of the legendary Honda bikes are mentioned below.

1-    Honda CB Hornet

This robust motorbike was launched in 2018. A four-stroke, air-cooled 162.71cc engine fuels the bike which produces 14.5Nm torque and 14.9bhp. The Hornet has some impressive features such as a tachometer, an electric engine start mechanism, LED headlamp, a digital speedometer, pillion seat, a five-speed manual gearbox, fuel gauge, trip meter and fuel warning indicator.

CB Hornet has a powerful fuel tank with plastic cladding, attractive exterior including an X-shaped tail lamp, 17 inch alloy wheels and a well designed head lamp which enhance the overall look of the bike. Honda has clearly done justice with this bike.

2-    Honda SP 125

This advanced motorcycle has more than one innovative feature. There’s an updated fuel-injected, four-stroke 125cc engine as well as graphics on the car body, digital instrument panel, color choices, CBS( Combi-Brake System), LED DC headlamps, a sharp construction of the bike and a long seat for convenience. SP 125 is available in two variants.

It is accompanied with a silent start ACG starter motor with a five-speed gearbox. The instrument panel provides information such as average fuel efficiency along with instantaneous fuel efficiency calculations, gear position and fuel warning indicator and twin trip meters. The bike rides with 18-inch black alloy wheels. This bike is actually based on another Honda bike called CB Shine SP.

3-    Honda CB Unicorn 160

This is a modified version of the CB Unicorn which is styled after the Honda CX-01. This bike is fueled by a single-cylinder 162.71cc engine which generates 13.82bhp power and 13.92Nm torque. Some of the features of this bike are: fuel gauge, speedometer, tachometer, auto headlamps, a clock, CBS with an equalizer, a big fuel tank and mono suspension. The CB Unicorn has far better efficiency and excellent features which makes it capable enough to be a strong competitor.

It is clear that both of these brands have unique characteristics of their own which makes them unique. So which manufacturing company do you prefer and why?

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