10 Effective Ways to Obtain Temporary Graduate Visa 485 Australia

10 Effective Ways to Obtain Temporary Graduate Visa 485 Australia

The study time has ended and you have graduated from an educational institution in Australia. Naturally, the question comes, what next? Well, with the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485, you can stay in Australia and pursue the next stages. You can also take the help of experts.

Temporary graduate visa: the detailed information

The temporary graduate visa 485, often known as TR, gives the right to its holder to stay, work, and study in Australia. Depending upon the qualification, this visa offers a time period of 18 months to 4 years for the student to complete his or her study. The visa is dived into two streams;

  1. Graduate work stream (GWS)
  2. Post-study work stream (PSWS)

However, both the stream must satisfy some common conditions which are as follows;

  1. The applicant must be under 50 years.
  2. Meet the requirement for English.
  3. Fulfill the requirement of at least 2 years or 92 weeks of study.
  4. Have not held a skilled recognized graduate (subclass 476) or temporary graduate (subclass 485) as a primary applicant.

The effective steps to take

As mentioned before, the application process may seem easy but must be treated with great precaution and attention if you want to see it granted. to successfully complete the conditions of Visa Subclass 485 you would have to pay extra care to the following factors:

  1. Be wary of the time limit

The application for the temporary graduate visa must be tendered before 6 months after the course completion date. The “completion date” means the day your final results come through and not the graduation date. Furthermore, you have to apply for this visa between the date of completion and the expiry date of the previous visa. Whatever may be the case, a complete application must be tendered before the stipulated time is over.

  1. Request documents from the university

It is always better to provide proof of your final date of completion, the course passed, and the degree of education you achieved. This will make for a solid case. However, not all universities may issue them without request. If that is the case, put in the request as soon as possible. The same goes for an official transcript if needed.

  1. Time of stay in Australia

The visa rule requires the candidate to be present in Australia for at least 16 weeks between the start of the course and the completion date. This would be a problem if you have completed the course early or have spent a great amount of time overseas during the study period. Therefore, you should determine exactly how many days you were present in Australia before you lodge the application.

  1. Proficiency in English

Expertise in English is a time of application requirement and must be provided in the application. Therefore, this criterion must be fulfilled at the start because there may be a long queue for the test. Often in the case of first-timers, the scores don’t satisfy the visa requirement. Therefore, time must be incorporated to give the candidate a chance to sit the test again. This is a requirement for students of all nationalities except the citizens of the UK, Canada, Ireland, the USA, or New Zealand.

Point to note, if the results of the English test is not provided, the visa application will be summarily rejected. Even the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) cannot upturn this decision.

  1. Australian Federal Police (AFP) check

Many applicants do not regard this much, but it is common to face rejection for this reason. The AFP checking should be completed before the application, however, if that’s not so, at least proof of application will have to be submitted. The check should include everyone on the visa application list aged more than 16 and the application must be maximum 12 months old than the time of lodging of the visa application. Also, the correct branch of AFP must be applied.

  1. Correct Health Insurance

Proof of health cover must be provided with the application. This shows that you are covered for any medical emergency inside Australia. The cover must remain in effect through the whole time of application and grant, and the cover should be a registered Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) or Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC), depending upon the stage of the application.

  1. Proper stream

The choice of the correct stream in the visa, namely, the GWS or the PSWS is immensely important. A GWS is valid for 18 months and the PSWS can run for 4 years. Related conditions of presence in the Occupation list and skills assessment must be completed perfectly.

  1. Entitled qualifications

Most important of all and which should be checked at the start is the number of weeks your chosen course is registered for in the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). For a temporary graduate visa subclass 485, the course must be registered for a minimum of 95 weeks.

  1. Assessment of skills

The holder would need a skills assessment to his or her nominated jobs if he or she chooses a GWS stream. At least the proof of application for assessment must be presented if the assessment is still under process. The occupation must be closely related to the subject studied and included in the MLTSSL. No nomination of a job is needed for PSWS along with a skills assessment, but the applicant must have an eligible qualification.

  1. Restriction on re-application

If your application is refused, you may not be able to apply from inside Australia for a supplementary visa. According to Section 48 of the Migration Act, you are excluded from applying for most types of visas; if you are currently in Australia on a Bridging Visa and have a visa refusal since your last visit. Even a simple mistake can irreplaceably hamper your chances, so it is better to do it right at one go.

In conclusion

As it is a somewhat one-time visa, there are conditions that will have to be checked and rechecked before the actual submission takes place. Therefore, it is better to file the application properly and without mistake. There is always the option of taking the help of expert Migration Agent Adelaide professionals in this matter, should the applicant need it.

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